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1 month ago

I have loved living at method townhomes! It’s an old complex but it is the beat bang for your buck on the wolfline! We have had a few structural issues, but management took care of them quickly!

Thank you for leaving the review! We are always happy to help!

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1 month ago

Very good that this place has a ton of parking spots and a lot of guest parking. This gets dirty at times but the block party happens here so that’s convenient.

Thanks for the review!

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2 months ago

Bacarra apartments has a really nice community. The rooms are massive and everything looks so clean and cozy. I definitely recommend living there. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Thank you for the review!

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2 months ago

Been living here since August and everything from the club house to the apartment has gone so well! Parking has gotten a little better but I always find one since I get home earlier now.

Love hearing that you are enjoying it with us so far! As always, let us know if we can do anything to help better your time with us!

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Kyle G.

2 months ago

My AC stopped working last night. I called their after hour number thinking that probably I will have to endure the heat all night but I was pleasantly surprised when the Tech Mario showed up within 15 minutes and fixed the AC in half an hour at 11:30PM; simply unbelievable.

We are so happy our maintenance staff could help you out in a pinch, Kyle! Thanks for the review!

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Anna M.

3 months ago

I've enjoyed living at Method Townhomes for the most part. It is nice to live in a townhouse versus a large apartment complex because I can park right in front of my door and the common areas are on an entirely different level than the bedrooms. There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done to the units and there is poor yard upkeep although we pay $120/year for yard services.

Thanks for the review, Anna! If you ever need any maintenance done please don't hesitate to call/email us to put a work order in. As for the landscaping at the property we are having all of the old bushes ripped up and new ones put in along with other things following this year when the weather gets better! The green fee is not toward landscaping as it is toward to help us be a more green efficient company such as having everything done online and more!

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Maggie L.

3 months ago

You get what you pay for, good and bad. No other complex in Raleigh has included utilities included for this cheap, great for college students!

Thank you for your feedback.  While we're glad that you're overall happy with your experience with us, we understand that there is room for improvement on our end.  We strive to provide a 5 star experience to each of our residents and hate that we seem to have fallen short of that with you.  Would you mind emailing us at preissstudent@tpco.com with a few details on how we might be able to improve your time here?